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Operation & Maintenance

Core Features

Solar Panel Operation & Maintenance

Error documentation and annual maintenance report mall investment with big impact

Installation and maintenance with nation wide on site service from a single source

Trained service team of over 20 in house maintenance engineers

Real time remote monitoring of photovoltaic systems

The PHOTOELECTRIC annual check-up: Monitoring is good, Inspection is better:

PHOTOELECTRIC takes care of the maintenance and servicing of all components involved in operating the plant, including regular visual inspection and functional checks. It is much like having a car serviced. An on site inspection is performed periodically to make sure your plant functions correctly and is protected against future faults. There are many tiny details in the electrics or mechanics that you cannot check, evaluate or quickly repair by yourself. Instead, you can trust in the experience of our trained services team. Only the correct diagnosis of a fault will save lots of time and money.

In the PHOTOELECTRIC annual check up, all plant components are examined carefully by experts, in particular the inverters, solar modules, sub construction, attachments, electric wiring, switch gears, Sensors and meters. Service duties performed include cleaning and verification of all protective and safety installations. Faults are eliminated immediately, all necessary servicing and repair work will be performed upon agreement.

As part of the Technical Management Support, the experienced team of engineers in the Control Center also provides support with installation, commissioning or maintenance work.

Photoelectric offers a comprehensive service package for professional plant Monitoring with the Control Center.

The Technical Support Service includes continuous proactive monitoring of the plant and coordinates the deployment of service engineers in the event of a fault if the latter cannot be resolved remotely. In addition to telephone communication between Control Center and O&M team, all service calls and fault messages are documented in the Ticket System. This tool is available to all parties involved and is used to coordinate service calls as well as documenting them.

Service by experts

PHOTOELECTRIC produces turkey photovoltaic systems for industry, communities and agriculture. Our aim is to guarantee safe operation of every photovoltaic solar power system and to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. Accordingly PHOTOELECTRIC offers optimally tailored service and support naturally over the entire service life of plant.

Service by experts

  • Less onsite visits thanks to remote troubleshooting
  • Plant monitoring by an experienced team of engineers
  • Scope of services can be agreed on an individual basis
  • Reduced personnel efforts
  • Yield and profit increase
  • Reduced downtime due to continuous and proactive monitoring
  • Support fast service restoration by recommended course of action

Technical Support Services

  • Check DC strings/ DC super strings
  • Check environmental data
  • Check automatic failure messages and alarms
  • Check ACLV
  • Check ACMV
  • Check PR/yield
  • Execute plausibility checks
  • Execute remote analysis & Service
  • Interact with local O&M Teams
  • Back office support
  • Regular backup of all configuration for fast recovery

Technical Management Support

  • Support for non-failure situations
  • Monitoring questions and guidance
  • Implementation and integration support
  • Support for system configurations
  • Restore support