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Lighting strikes in borivali
15 Sep 2022

Watch: Lightning strikes Borivali West building in Mumbai

Rain and thunder are not uncommon in Mumbai, especially during the Monsoons which last from June to September. However, in a shocking incident, a strong bolt of lightning struck a building in Mumbai’s Borivali West.

Fortunately, the damage caused by the lightning was averted by a lightning conductor attached to the building and no casualties were reported. The moment when the lightning struck the building was captured by Twitter user Vibhuti Bandekar (@Misslightsmith), whose video has since been circulated widely.

While sharing the video, Bandekar wrote, “So this just happened today right around tea time -07.09.2022 at 17:13 IST Hope no one was hurt. It was distressing to witness this😰 #thunder #lightening #mumbai #borivaliwest.”

Lightning is not classified as a natural disaster in India but as per the National Disaster Management Authority, lightning kills more than 2,000 people every year in India.


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