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Renewable Energy


We are future of tomorrow

Renewable Energy


We are future of tomorrow

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Professional Successful Renewable Energy Storage Solutions Company


A Modern Enterprise Driven by Passion and a Sense of Mission.

Back in 2010 we installed our first Solar EPC System structure and believed in a better world. Today we are still convinced that it is possible. With our innovative products, forward looking projects and our ongoing commitment we keep striving for a more towards a sustainable world. The company manufacturers and provides a wide range of Solar energy products and solutions such as Solar EPC , Solar rooftop PV module mounting Structures, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Rooptop Power Plants, Megawatt Solar Power plants and Solar Water Heating Systems. The manufacturing unit located at Bidar, Karnataka is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to produce affordable custom designed SPV and SWH products. The company has all facilities to manufacture and test the products under one roof.

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Electrical Schematic Drawing Services
Electrical Equipment Installation
Power Distribution Management
Field Instrument Location
Control System Architecture
What We Offer

Best Offer For Renewable Solar Solutions

Solar EPC

Sustainable, carbon dioxide free solar energy production requires carefully thought-out concepts designed.

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Operation and Maintenance

Photoelectric offers a comprehensive service package for professional plant Monitoring with the Control Center.

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Electrical Services

photovoltaic solar power plant not only to prevent costly yield losses, but also to operate your plant reliably.

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Carbon Offset


Today, the term “carbon footprint” is often used as shorthand for the amount of carbon (usually in tonnes) being emitted by an activity or organization.The carbon footprint is also an important component of the Ecological Footprint, since it is one competing demand for biologically productive space. Carbon emissions from burning fossil fuel accumulate in the atmosphere if there is not enough biocapacity dedicated to absorb these emissions.

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